Chirstophe Harbour

Christophe Harbour is a development unlike any other in the world. Set on the Eastern Caribbean isle of St. Kitts, Christophe Harbour is the premier destination in the Caribbean promising island life enhanced by exclusive amenities. A 300-acre mega-yacht harbor and marina village are the heartbeat of Christophe Harbour. Not only does the development preserve the island’s natural beauty, but the amenities are truly first class. Whether it’s the golf course over the hills, or the beach overlooking the ocean, there is a piece of tranquility and enlightenment for every resident and visitor.

What makes a residence at Christophe Harbour even more valuable and attractive is the natural beauty of the island and surrounding islands. St. Kitts is an authentic Caribbean island that aims to keep its soul. Yes, the island gives nods to modernity – to finance and banking, entrepreneurship, research, and medical training (nursing, veterinarian, and medical schools are on the island) – but visitors will also find gumbo limbo trees and green vervet monkeys, batik making, world-class cricket tournaments, and vibrant beachfront cafes serving fresh local fish and conch fritters, plantains, and “rice and peas.” This makes the island ideal for housing investments and as a vacation destination.

When you’re here, your heart beats with the rhythm of the island. And this uncommon energy, a blend of verdant rainforests, tumbling mountains, calming seas, and vibrant culture, gives St. Kitts, and Christophe Harbour, a most memorable soul.

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