Every so often in architecture, you will find a pièce de résistance, a confluence of skills, styles and visions made possible by the coordination of true experts. Such was the case with the second home of a Houstonbased family. Constructed by Charleston-based Bennett Hofford Construction, the house is located on the idyllic island of St. Kitts.

Colonized in the mid-1600s by an alternating procession of French and English settlers, the history-steeped island transitioned to a tourist destination only a decade ago. Its relative youthfulness, along with a low crime rate and educated locals, helped increase the interest of developers initially enticed by its untouched beauty.

One of the most enthusiastic investors to date has been Kiawah Island’s famous founding father, Buddy Darby, whose burgeoning luxury community, Christophe Harbour, won the affection of this Houston couple, who fell in love with the region during a 2007 visit.

Once their desires were matched with a compelling bid from Darby’s go-to construction company, Bennett Hofford, the plans for the ultimate family escape on Sandy Bank Bay (where the couple’s two college-aged kids could also come to vacation) were set in motion.

“We had a wonderful experience working with this family. They couldn’t have been better clients. They were delightful, accommodating and helpful, which is always great for us,” says Hank Hofford, co-owner of Bennett Hofford Construction.

To keep the quality of construction top-notch, the resourceful team at Bennett Hofford brought in a number of Charleston subcontractors—masons, carpenters, trim specialists (interior and exterior)—who worked with and trained local craftspeople in the advanced building techniques required for a home of this level.

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